Bring Your Text To Life
Custom Studio-produced Videos
Want to really connect with your audience? Bidfluence produces short visual stories of your written content. Build a multimedia brand and simultaneously attract the world's greatest advertisers.
Original Footage
On-camera Hosts
Our studio-produced original videos transform your written content into visual stories.
No Costs
All Profits
We slice the creative with video ads from our trusted partners to offset production costs. That means no out-of-pocket costs for a custom-made multimedia library that’s free to distribute and generates revenue on its own.
Content Your Users Will Love
Add an additional revenue stream while improving the user experience. When it’s hyper-customized and studio-produced, content can drive engagement and the bottom-line.
No Assembly Required
Our technology is all-inclusive. We house the video in our player. Our CMS powers the content, and our ad exchange collects the advertisers. You don’t need to change your template or header. Just clip and paste one line of code and you’re off and running.
IP Safe Content
We use safe, commercially-licensed content so you can use our videos and have peace of mind.
For every visit to your site, you'll make the existing revenue from the banners on your page, in addition to the new revenue from the video unit. Video CPMs pay more than three times the price of banners. It's all upside.
Each video is branded with your logo and colors. The production fits the tone and content of your website. It's a natural extension of your brand.

highly-competent and

attentive to
publisher's needs

Truly genuine, transparent and
generous, with a passion for
the industry that's contagious.

Refreshingly direct, authentic and
in our
business relationship.

Real-time Dashboard
Analytics and audience insights updated in real time.
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