Enable real-time access to demand at scale.
Unlock global demand density, mobile first budgets, competitive differentiated domestic buyers,
HTTPS demand and more at a single seamless point of integration.
No SDK, heavy adapters or engineering required.

Bidfluence Header Bidding

CPM Increase

When it comes to increasing CPMs, there is a fine balance between revenue and latency. More is not always better when attempting to solve for yield. Through innovation and greater efficiencies, Bidfluence sources an industry wide unified auction within your designated bid window.Increased demand density and reduced latency unlock traditionally lost impressions.

Seamless Integration

Adapters are the new SDK. They can take weeks, if not months to implement. This is resource constraining and disruptive for your engineers, especially when repeated.Eliminate the logistical and engineering headaches through a single point of integration that delivers demand at scale.Reallocate those precious engineering resources to the projects your company needs.

Ad Quality Protections

It’s frustrating when a user submits a complaint about an in-banner video or malware. It’s a real problem when it happens every day, multiple times a day. We protect the experience of your users and the integrity of our bid flow through real time ad filtering. In-banner video, malware, redirects and more are all blocked.

Built for speed

Latency and impression loss are the mortal enemies of revenue. Faster processing yields more bids and captured revenue. That’s why innovation, methodology and efficiencies are so imperative to increasing speed. We use cutting edge technology found in the engines of blockbuster animation studios to process billions of data inputs simultaneously. The average response time of our servers is 85ms.

The next evolution of programmatic is here.

Ad Quality protections

Scanning creatives within the ad server or waiting until a user complains is like playing a game of whack-a-mole. Once one bad ad is shut down, another one pops up. This leads to vendor wide emails, headaches, dissatisfied users and generally unresolved ad quality violations. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques to hide in-banner video and malware. Our Ad Patrol systems scans the entire life cycle of a creative and provides immediate and real-time solutions to ad quality violations. The moment we detect in-banner video, malware, redirects, super cookies, pop-ups, and auto forms, it’s blocked.

No resources? No problem.

Our automated system provides clip and paste solutions for ad ops professionals that want accelerated access to demand partners but have limited resources. We also offer one-to-one interaction with our Operations team that can traffic campaigns, set up key value pairs or line items, and assist with Prebid wrapper adjustments. You’ll receive a dedicated relationship instead of a ticketing system and we can even create your own dedicated Slack channel if requested.

Bidfluence platform
Bidfluence platform

Unified Reporting

Issues like calculating revenue, identifying lost impressions, understanding latency, and generated pricing pressure are often lost on an excel file after being pieced together from multiple platforms. Demystifying this information is extremely powerful and is available for free in the dashboard.

Audience Level Reporting

Our real-time traffic insights platform comes included. Gain valuable insights on the performance of your audience across every geographic location. Practices like breaking out tags by geo are a thing of the past.

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